COVID-19 Resources for Dental Professionals

During this difficult and evolving time, communication is crucial now more than ever. It’s important to stay connected with your patients and provide them with information on what’s happening in your office and guide them with any dental emergencies that may arise. Tools to help you meet screening and other guidelines put in place by colleges are key to efficiently returning to practice.

At UpOnline, we want to help you stay connected and ensure you see your patients efficiently and safely as possible. We offer a range of digital marketing services that can help you communicate effectively with your patients, and deliver & log consent forms and screening questions online. Reinforced with eblasts or social media content and materials for your use, we provide services that suit your needs.

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During this time, UpOnline is offering COVID-19 related patient eblasts and social media communication to all clients!

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COVID-19 Dental Hub on your Website

Your website may be the first place your patients visit to find out how your office is keeping them safe. Is it going to relay confidence? UpOnline Dental Websites are a reflection of your practice and we provide the materials needed to inspire confidence.

UpOnline creates a hub of information on your website. A place where your patients can learn about the safety practices you are employing in your office; they can fill out a pre-screening form to let you know it's safe for them to visit your office.

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COVID-19 Newsletters

At UpOnline, we are providing value added communication that shows a sense of community and how your dental office is valuing patient care and loyalty.

Just because the office is open doesn't mean patients are ready to come back. Communicate the steps your dental office has taken to comply with the new rules in relation to your region, and to relay other precautions taken to stop the spread. Let your patients know they are being treated with the care they deserve.

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COVID-19 Social Media Management

UpOnline is offering additional supplemental social media posts that focus on health and wellness related to COVID-19, including health tips, physical distancing reminders, as well as promoting new office policies and regulatory adjustments due to changing situations as we come out of this pandemic.

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Paperless Forms for COVID-19

One of the biggest changes we have to face due to COVID-19 is minimizing physical interactions.

For this purpose, UpOnline is offering digital forms to help reduce the share of clipboards, pen, and paper in your office. We are digitizing your new patient forms, medical history forms, in addition to offering online COVID-19 pre-screening health forms before and when patients come in for their appointments.

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