UpOnline Services

There is a challenge to finding the right recipe for success. Should you spend money trying to maximize your current patient base, or look to expand it? Why not do both?

UpOnline's unique mix of online push (email newsletters & social media) and pull (website & search) marketing makes sure you have the right balance for your practice, and allows you to focus on being a great practitioner.

Customized & Tracked Email Newsletters

UpOnline Newsletters can be a powerful component of your marketing program, delivering your message directly to your patient's inbox

Email Campaigns helps you:

  • Gain valuable information about which services interest your patients
  • Stay top-of-mind: Increase patient visits, sharing and referrals
  • Increase awareness of specialty services and procedures
  • Maximize the goodwill effect of your community involvement
  • Advertise promotions and contests
  • Drive up to 50% more visits to your website

An eNewsletter will generate interest in your services and help develop your complete marketing picture.

Our Work

We've been doing this a long time! Over ten years of digital marketing experience, exlusively for dentists. Check out some our websites, newsletters, social media samples and read our case studies