Google Ads and Pay Per Click Marketing

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Online advertising is an incredibly powerful medium. Unlike most traditional advertising, online advertising is highly targeted and trackable. When most people think of online advertising, they think of banner ads but there are many more options available. While banner ads or display advertising are a part of online advertising, there are many more options. At UpOnline, we leverage finely targeted pay-per-click, display, search and re-targeting advertising to help reach prospective patients at the time they are most interested in your services and grow your business. We use well timed and profesionally executed Google Ad campaigns in combination with competitive keywords to drive etraffic to your website.

Being one of the largest online advertising platform, this form of Pay per Click Marketing campaigns help promote your dental practice to prospective patients who may be looking for one or more of the services offered at your dental office. By the means of this auction based advertising model, you can raise awareness about your unique services, create sales and drive more traffic to your website

Free Website Analysis for your practice

There's more to online advertising than the classic banner ad, to grow your practice's online presence, you should also capitalize on Google Ads. We offer a free analysis, which determines how well you are currently leveraging the Google Ads and pay-per-click marketing service. We then offer a plan going forward, including a breakdown of the keywords and payment models that we feel will best bolster the success of your website.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

"UpOnline increased my online visibility by getting my website on the first page of Google, and executed strategies to help increase patient engagement and referrals."

Former AACD President, Dr. Ron Goodlin