Dental SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

A great website is only effective if patients can find you online.

So how do you attract visitors?

We employ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices to ensure reliable results.

Research is done to optimize your website based on location, service, and industry-specific keywords and phrases that potential patients use to find services like yours.

Clients are provided ranking reports on an ongoing basis. For those potential patients we can't reach effectively through organic SEO techniques, UpOnline also helps practices through paid search marketing, also known as online ads.

Search engine strategy built for your practice's long-term success.

Google and other search engines often change their search algorithm. UpOnline's SEO techniques evolve regularly and updates are made periodically to continue supporting top page results for competitive keywords.

Our proprietary dental SEO process includes enhancing on-site factors such as your website content, the structure of the website, cleanliness of the HTML, loading speed, and the conversion rate. More importantly, we work to improve off-site factors such as your social reputation and the number of websites that link to you, which helps build online trust. This combination of on-site and off-site SEO will quickly improve the rankings of your practice's website.

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Free SEO Analysis for your Dental Website

Search engines are the primary way we find information online, so it's crucial that your website is search engine optimized. Our free SEO analysis will put you on the right track.

First, we determine where your practice ranks in up-to-date, accurate search engine listing. From there, we provide a breakdown of what SEO related areas your website handles well, and what areas need improvement, in addition to the SEO practices you can leverage to address those shortcomings.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

"UpOnline increased my online visibility by getting my website on the first page of Google, and executed strategies to help increase patient engagement and referrals."

Former AACD President, Dr. Ron Goodlin

"UpOnline has been managing my website, SEO, and social media for nearly two years now. They have been very helpful in increasing my Google rankings for multiple keywords. Strongly recommend."

Dr. Justin Lee, Cornwall Dental Arts