Online Review Management

Encourage your patients to spread the word and handle poor reviews internally

Your customers are talking online every second. Join the conversation.

Track all your reviews from across the web and respond in real-time to customer complaints before they escalate. See the big picture of your ratings and reviews with customized reports.

Collect new positive reviews quickly and easily with UpOnline's real-time feedback requests. By engaging with customers at critical moments and making it easy to write a review, you can capture feedback from all customers, including satisfied ones not typically active online. More positive reviews = more conversions, higher ratings, and more customers.

Which review sites do your customers care most about? We can ensure you have high ratings on each one. Prompt satisfied customers to post on top sites of your choice. By pre-qualifying sentiment and automatically routing happy customers to top review sites, UpOnline makes it convenient for satisfied customers to share feedback.

UpOnline helps get satisfied customers to share feedback on sites that matter to you. Collecting more online reviews across a variety of sites establishes credibility to customers and optimizes your search engine ranking.

Free Website Analysis for your practice

We've been doing this a long time! Over 15 years of digital marketing experience, exclusively for dentists. Check out some our websites, newsletters, social media samples and read our case studies

Would you like the best website in your market? Our team will put together a free analysis that shows how your website ranks against other dental practices in your area on various parameters. We will also analyze your existing website traffic to help you understand where you are doing well and where you can improve.

We will also develop an action plan on how we can improve your website with tips on simple changes you can do to generate more new patient leads.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

"UpOnline increased my online visibility by getting my website on the first page of Google, and executed strategies to help increase patient engagement and referrals."

Former AACD President, Dr. Ron Goodlin

"UpOnline has been managing my website, SEO, and social media for nearly two years now. They have been very helpful in increasing my Google rankings for multiple keywords. Strongly recommend."

Dr. Justin Lee, Cornwall Dental Arts