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The doctors behind Luna Dentistry have been providing premiere dental services for over ten years in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Recently, they launched a brand new location in Midtown Toronto, with a modern design, state of the art technology, and with it, a complete rebrand.

Their office previously had no web presence and wanted to brand themselves as a modern dental practice with a website and other online marketing that showcased their new location and services.

Many clients of the original Richmond Hill location have children or work in the Midtown area, so it seemed a natural place to expand. They also wanted to use their online presence as an opportunity to inform current patients of their new Midtown location, educate current and prospective patients about services that they may not be aware of, and create an online referral program to generate more business.


Since Luna Dentistry is a multi-location practice, to create a cohesive design that integrated both their locations, UpOnline started with a user friendly landing page that split into two separate home pages for each location, one for Richmond Hill and the other for Midtown Toronto. Additionally it provided opportunities to increase Search Engine Optimization (SEO), with each location accessible from its own domain and the landing pages.

UpOnline did a photography session for both the locations and the team to provide a professional, personalized, and unique brand and feel to the website.

Luna Dentistry Homepage

The website is clean, modern, and responsive for smartphones, tablets and desktops. A separate mobile responsive minisite was also created, which was streamlined for current searching trends for mobile users, and made it easier for them to contact the office via telephone, email and pull up directions to the office.

Luna Dentistry Microsite Homepage

The website was complemented by eNewsletters and eStationery, all incorporating their new branding, logo, and color scheme. The eNewsletter was a digital channel that informed patients about Luna Dentistry's new location and allowed them to get the word out quickly and will also continue to keep their services on top of patient's minds. eNewsletters have additional benefits like reducing recall time, and aid in referral marketing.

Since Luna Dentistry had little previous web presence, UpOnline was starting from scratch when it came to improving their SEO ranking.

To accelerate the process, UpOnline used both organic and paid SEO strategies to improve their ranking, using best practices SEO and optimized content, along with a targeted Google AdWords campaign announcing the opening of their new dental office, which allowed the site to be indexed quickly for relevant keywords in regards to their services and locations.

To ensure that they rank well consistently, UpOnline provides Luna Dentistry with regular reporting and updates on their SEO, web and email initiatives.


The website has been online for only two months but within this time span, the improvement is visible, especially when it comes to SEO. Initially, after the launch, 7 of their keywords were within the first two pages of google search results. Within two months, the number increased to 9, with keywords like 'dental preventative care Midtown Toronto or 'oral cancer screening Richmond Hill' being on the first page of Google search results.

Luna Dentistry's eNewsletters perform also perform really well. They have an excellent open rate - almost 3-4 times higher than the industry average, which in turn increased the website traffic. The click through rate from the first newsletter was also more than 3 times higher than the industry average on certain calls to action like 'contact us' resulting in 5 clicks and book an appointment resulting in an average of 4 new patients.

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