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Dr. Winnie Ching and Associates dental practice specializes in cosmetic and children's dentistry. Dr. Ching has been practicing dentistry in the Toronto, Markham, and Richmond Hill region for over 17 years and is a longtime UpOnline client.

Previously, the client had two separate sites: a custom microsite for mobile and a desktop site.


Dr. Ching was looking to refresh her branding to capture a modern and a highly responsive design that rendered well on all platforms and devices, while maintaining the effective SEO, and all the previous work intact.

The client also wanted the new website to have features that highlighted Children's Dentistry as fun and interactive.


UpOnline created mock-ups that incorporated the updated office look, branding, desire for a scrolling slideshow, and a section that featured testimonials from clients. The mock-ups streamlined the desktop and mobile sites to a single responsive design website that looks great and functions well on all platforms and devices.

The client was excited to have a new responsive design that was ideal for her needs: the site was highly customizable and could easily take advantage of future add-ons, had a nice, clean interface, and provided an easier navigation experience for her patients.

Dr. Ching - New Index Page

To differentiate Dr. Ching, the highlighted key features focused mainly on children's dentistry, teeth whitening, and cosmetic dentistry because these had been more popular services people were inquiring about.

The children's dentistry page included bright, fun pictures, and content on subpages that would better prepare parents for their children's teething.

Dr. Ching - Children's Dentistry Focused Page

The website also had a new layout for staff pages to provide a more personalized experience for viewers, because staff pages often have higher traffic on dental websites.

Dr. Ching - Team Page


The result was a new, beautiful, and a clean responsive site that branded with the client's updated look and feel. The new website is easily accessible from all devices, has effective SEO, and has led to increased visits, and more online responses

In a span of four months, from October 2016 to January 2017, there were 73% new visitors on the website. More than 33% of users interacted with the 'Our Team' page when they first visited the site.

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