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Dentistry at Churchill Meadows is a full service dental practice based in Mississauga providing cosmetic, restorative, and implant care. Since 1995, Dr. Pedvis and his team of dental specialists have been dedicated to the satisfaction and comfort of their patients. Over the years they amassed a significant clientele and regularly added new services to meet the needs of patients. However, they relied too heavily on patient referrals for new business. They wanted to connect with individuals who may not have been aware of their practice, as well as keep pre-existing patients informed of new, additional services.


To increase Dentistry at Churchill Meadows online visibility UpOnline created a website with detailed information about the practice and their extensive general and specialized services. The site was an opportunity to educate the patient, give them the ability to refer the practice to a friend, and watch a tour of the office. Social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube along with a monthly newsletter were also created so the practice could be in consistent communication with patients with office news, promotions, and contests.

In order to bring traffic into the site, UpOnline used organic SEO best practices by targeting the client's two chief concerns: finding clientele who were looking for a dentist in the region of Mississauga, and highlighting specific brands and technologies in the office (e.g. Invisalign).

Since the client wanted a good online ranking over time but was also eager to see immediate results UpOnline also took advantage of Google Adwords. Those who were searching for a "Mississauga Dentist" were greeted with an ad from Dentistry at Churchill Meadows. The campaign worked within a modest monthly budget, was customized to fit their needs, and achieved a maximum visibility and click through rate that offset the cost.


  • Increased Churchill Meadows Google ranking and overall online visibility
  • Increased patient referrals by 50% through a combination of organic SEO and PPC ads
  • Target specific patient needs with specific keywords (e.g. symptoms of sleep apnea)
  • Increase patient awareness about new technologies and services so they are well-informed
  • Doubled amount of appointment requests per year that started via online search

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