Charity & Foundation Services

UpOnline charity digital marketing services

Cost-effective and well-supported, take your efforts online.

  • Manage your foundation's operations with an integrated, easy-to-use, online system.
  • Have any of your stakeholders and all of your fundraisers participate, from anywhere online.
  • Run online donation drives tied to your events with your fundraisers leading the way, and receive more donations.
  • Issue Tax Receipts quickly and easily.
Your goals, our tools.

We provide all the tools your organization needs to succeed and prosper in today's highly competitive charity space.

Our Charity & Foundation Services Toolkit lets your organization choose and pay for only the services you need while helping you grow your market, stakeholder participation, and process management.

When your organization is ready for more services, there's no need to learn a new system or addadditional hardware and software. Many of our services follow an on-demand model, only paying for what you use and growing with your organization.

Let us propose a plan to maximize your benefits.

Relationship and Process Management

Our platform is designed to handle all your data. Fund raisers, registrations, donations, ongoing activities and projects can all be managed from One Integrated Interface.

Stakeholders and staff can all co-ordinate activities and projects anywhere. Volunteers can contribute their time and efforts in an organized and meaningful way from any Internet connected device, maximizing their time and the benefits to your organization with no need to have everyone in the same place at one time.

Information and data can be organized and reviewed in a manner that makes sense to an organization's ongoing and changing needs.

Online Fund Raising Event Management

Today's donations are hard fought, with many competing interests for individuals' charity dollars.

Maximizing your ability to capture these funds is at the heart of our online event system.
  • Taking the donation process online makes it easier for individuals to contribute.
  • Individuals give more to colleagues, friends, and family fund raising on behalf of an organization than if the organization solicits donations directly.
  • The Internet allows for unlimited viral marketing of fund raising drives through built-in features as well as social networking tools.

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